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Some Minutes of a Time – presentation in Venezuela

8th World Meeting
During the 8th World Meeting of Intellectuals and artists for Defending Humanity Caracas/VE 13-18 Oct 2008, Agricola de Cologne screened divers CologneOFF selections in the framework of a larger Salon de Arte Digital Maracaibo presentation.

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Some Minutes of a Time
is the solo feature of videos originating from the years 2004-2008,
Agricola de Cologne will present
at Museum of Contemporary Art (MACZUL) in Maracaibo/Venezuela
in the framework of the annual “Salon de Arte Digital” – 1-8 October 2008

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In the same framework, he will also launch the world premiere of CologneOFF IV “Here We Are” in physical space and divers selections from CologneOFF III, Cinematheque and VideoChannel.

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